Quality management system of the aviation meteorological service

In order to increase the users satisfaction with products level and services in the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center it has been implemented a quality management system for the meteorological service of civil aviation (QMS MSA), which is part of its general management.

5 main processes are defined:

  1. Leadership and commitment (administration responsibility, formation of policies in the field of quality, planning, risk management, functions and powers distribution in the field of quality).
  2. Resource management (human resources, infrastructure, working environment, competence).
  3. Products production and services provision (information/text products, information services and meteorological confirmation services).
  4. Effectiveness assessment (monitoring, analysis, user satisfaction evaluation, internal audit, QMS MSA analysis).
  5. Improvement (adjustment, undesirable effects prevention or reduction).

QMS MSA Scheme

Print Version Published: 04 August 2022