Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center

With the aim of assuring the effective management of the state hydrometeorological observation system, forecasting and meteorological support, on the 26th of July 2011 the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center within the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine was established by way of elimination of the State Hydrometeorological Service under the Decree of President of Ukraine of December 9, 2010 № 1085 «About the optimization of the central authorities» and under the enactment of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of March 28, 2011 № 346 "On the elimination of government bodies."

Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center (UHMC) within its powers is the main organization in the development and implementation of national policy in hydrometeorological activities in the system of Ministry of Ukraine for Emergencies.
UHMC is empowered to carry out observations of hydrometeorological conditions, geophysical processes in the atmosphere and basic observations of the level of environmental pollution; collection, procession, transmission and storage of observations data, elaboration of meteorological forecasts, hydrometeorological support of state authorities, local governments, public and industries; hydrometeorological service and provision of meteorological services to interested businesses and individuals, the introduction of Meteorology on the basis of international cooperation and priority of international law.

The main tasks and functions of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center primarily are aimed at:

Prediction of weather conditions, hydrological regime of rivers and reservoirs, agrometeorological conditions of vegetation crops and their yields, weather conditions that affect air pollution of large industrial cities.

Provision of Presidential Administration of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, central executive bodies, local governments, business sectors, population, Armed Forces of Ukraine and other consumers (of all forms of ownership) with public information about meteorological conditions and pollution of the environment, forecasts and warnings of dangerous meteorological phenomena and hydrometeorological service.

Implementation of collection, procession and transmission of hydrometeorological information, forming meteorological data bases and banks.

Organizational guidance of hydrometeorological organizations on meteorological, hydrological, agrometeorological conditions, air pollution, weather conditions forecasting, meteorological support and customer service, agrometeorological observations, data collection, procession and transfer.

Implementation of financial, economic and production activities management and control of subordinate organizations and enterprises.

Provision of meteorological parameters unity and metrological monitoring and supervision during the meteorological observations, regular and preventive reparation and maintenance of meteorological instruments and equipment within its competence, calibration and verification of measuring instruments (hereinafter - FTA).
Implementation within its competence of subordinate organizations logistics activities, purchasing and manufacturing devices, equipment, supplies for meteorological and pollution observations, providing them to Hydrometeorological organizations.

Continuous analysis and forecasting of weather, hydrological regime of rivers and reservoirs, agrometeorological conditions of cultivation and yields of major crops in Ukraine, influence of meteorological conditions on air pollution.
Provision of prescribed by law hydrometeorological services for payment for  enterprises, institutions and organizations, media and other users of hydrometeorological information regardless of ownership.

Collection, procession and making available to subordinate organizations and enterprises of meteorological observation information needed to analyze and forecast weather conditions, meteorological support and maintenance, ensuring real-time transfer of specified amounts of hydrometeorological information in a global telecommunication system of   the World Meteorological Organization (hereinafter - WMO).

Provision within its jurisdiction and control methods of maintenance work undertaken by other entities of hydrometeorological activity.

Implementation together with the State Enterprise "Ukrainian aviameteorological Center" (hereinafter - State Enterprise "UAMC") of information and organizational methods of aviameteorological stations, and drafting new proposals for amendments to existing regulations governing civil aviation meteorological service.
Development, testing, implementation, operation and maintenance of software and hardware collection, staff policy, monitoring completeness and quality, procession and transfer of operational hydrometeorological information.

Performance, preparation of scientific and applied scientific and methodological materials, scientific-organizational activity of the formation and control of the research and development work plans in the Ukrainian Research Hydrometeorological Institute.

Performance of duties of  National Hydrometeorological Service operational unit under the agreements between WMO and the International Atomic Energy Agency on modelling transport processes of pollutants in the nuclear and other environmental accidents, is involved in training, provides necessary operational cooperation on these issues with the competent authorities in Ukraine and specialized regional centers of the WMO.

Performance of duties of planning and carrying out ground and air route and area observations of crops, areas exposed to dangerous and meteorological phenomena.

Provision, within its competence, of preparation of climatologically standard norms, materials to the state water cadastre, preparation and publication of scientific and applied climatic, hydrological, meteorological monthly, manual reports and other materials about the state of the atmosphere, land surface water, soils, crops, etc.

Implementation of meteorological organizations specialists trainings on the issues of hydrometeorological forecasting software and services, telecommunications, automated data processing and practical training of students in higher education.

Implementation of financial activities organization and coordination of the subordinate organizations with planning and implementation of budget programs, responsible performer of which is UHMC.

Participation in the development of proposals for agreements with national hydrometeorological services in other countries, intergovernmental agreements on cooperation on border waters, provides the implementation of signed agreements, operational cooperation with the National Meteorology Service of other countries within the UHMC competence.

In terms of legal aspects UHMC may:

- receive free of charge in the prescribed manner the statistical information, documents and other materials necessary to perform assigned tasks from the executive authorities, local governments, enterprises, institutions and organizations. Check within its competence the financial-economic and production activities of subordinate organizations and enterprises, take appropriate measures for the proper exercise of hydrometeorological activities in the state system of meteorological observations, hydrometeorological forecasting, software and services, compliance with financial and economic discipline, effective using and saving the property.

- interact within its competence in the process of its tasks with executive bodies and local authorities, enterprises, institutions, organizations, and related operational and prognostic bodies of national meteorological services of other countries.
- check within its jurisdiction and take appropriate measures to hydrometeorological business subjects related to the application in the prescribed manner of measuring instruments and measurement procedures used during meteorological observations.

- perform research, technological, scientific-methodological and constructive work.
- represent the Ministry of Ukraine for Emergences (by order) in international organizations during international negotiations, signing contracts, etc.

UHMC is a juridical entity with its own balance, accounts in the State Treasury of Ukraine, the seal with a State Emblem of Ukraine and its name.

Name and address of UHMC:

 Full name: Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center, Ministry of Ukraine for Emergencies.
Acronym: UHMC

Address: 01054, Kyiv, str. Zolotovoritska, 6-B.

UHMC is financed by the state budget.

Print Version Published: 06 July 2023